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Smokey Quartz – Spheres – Quartz Crystals –  Semi Precious Gemstones – Healing Gemstones – Precious Gemstones

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Smokey Quartz – Spheres – Quartz Crystals –  Semi Precious Gemstones – Healing Gemstones – Gemstone Meaning – Rainbows

Dimensions: 2.5 Inches (Diameter)

Weight: .69 pounds



Smokey Quartz can come in different forms, such as tumble stones, points or a cluster of multiple points facing several directions.

Smokey Quartz can range from very dark brown where it is almost opaque to a very light smoky color where it is just barely colored. Often there is quite a bit of translucency to it and you can see the light shining through. At times, as well, you can have a specimen that has some clear quartz within it.

Smokey Quartz is a very protective stone and transmutes negative energy. If there is any negative psychic energy directed towards you and you carry this stone, it will absorb that and transmute it into positive energy. As well, if you are suffering from a lot of stress, or you are irritated, angry or sad, then working with Smokey Quartz will absorb all of that negative emotion from you and transmute it into the earth where it can be neutralized. This can be done by working with a crystal point. Holding it facing downward, so that the point, points towards the earth – imagine all those emotions flowing away from your hand and body towards the earth (like a dark smoke) where it can be neutralized.

It is highly recommended that Smokey Quartz be cleansed on a regular basis, or right after working with it, in order to remove negativity that was pulled from your healing work. This way, the Smokey Quartz energy can remain very clean and clear and keep a high vibration for healing.



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