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Blue Kyanite


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Blue Kyanite (Semi-Precious Gemstone – Healing Stones – Healing Crystal – Crystal Meaning – Gemstones for Sale)

Most blue kyanite has a glass-like shimmer and beautiful inclusions of white calcite. Each specimen can range from pale grayish, light blue to a deeper sea blue. Kyanite is a triclinic crystal system with long blade like structures in the crystal.

Kyanite is a really good stone for any meditation, psychic or healing work.

It helps heal any tears or holes in the aura so that you don’t absorb any negative energy from individuals that you are performing healing work on or negative energy during any psychic work.

Carrying a piece of kyanite with you, for example in a tumble stone or in a piece of jewelry is really great for enhancing communication. It works as a bridge between people. It’s perfect for conversations, meetings or speeches in front of a group. It helps with speaking clearly and articulating effectively the message that is being brought across.

Placing kyanite on your third eye chakra (this energy chakra governs intuition) enhances your telepathic communication. This crystal restores connections throughout the energy body. Quantum leaps and astral travel become possible under the influence of this miraculous stone.

It is not recommended to clean kyanite under running water. Instead, a damp cloth or sage smudging is a safer option.



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