The Weird and the Wonderful

Famous for its Aquamarine, Mount Antero, in the Rocky Mountains Colorado, is just over 4,250m and is the highest gemstone locality in North America – because of its height, it is accessible to collectors for only a few months of the year.

Receiving its color from traces of iron, the beryl aquamarine is dichroic – appearing blue or colorless when viewed from different angles.

History in a Nutshell

It is documented that around 500-300BC, Greek sailors wore aquamarine amulets engraved with Poseidon, to protect them at sea.

The best of the gem quality aquamarine is found in pegmatites and alluvial deposits of granite in Brazil – known locally as cascalho.

Om Shanti

Is said to have a soothing effect on married couples, helping husbands and wives work out their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage.

It can replace anger and negativity with mental peace and clarity, providing the wearer with emotional and mental balance. For these reasons it is said to be an effective treatment for anxiety.

Depending on the color, aquamarine is related to the 5th, or Throat Chakra, it is good for meditation as it brings calmness, peace and inspiration with love. It also strengthens personal power and the aura.

Gemstone Family


Where in the World


Mohs Hardness

7.5 – 8


Pale Blue
Deep Blue