About Us


Welcome to The Crystal Cottage of Vermont, nestled in the rolling foothills of Vermont’s “Green Mountains”. When at our cozy cottage (or our website) you can explore, and if inspired, choose from our collection of highest quality crystals and minerals.

All of our crystals have been hand selected through personal relationships established between miners and wholesalers from Uruguay and Brazil, and us at the Crystal Cottage of Vermont.

Each crystal is explored, experienced, and then chosen based on a combination of factors. To list a few:  Its internal crystalline structures, overall form, sheer beauty, energy, essence, and ability to inspire healing.

The website provides for us the opportunity to offer these high quality quartz crystals and minerals at wholesale prices, all from our diverse and unique personal collections.

It is a passion of ours, working with our friends from South America, who extract these precious gems and are willing to share and then sell their discoveries – it is an awesome experience!  It perpetuates, when another relationship is established and then experienced with you, our new (and existing) friends.

Together, we all share a common bond; “Our love for crystals, how they inspire us and our desire to surround ourselves with beautiful things.”

The Crystal Cottage of Vermont is a gateway for us to cultivate such great experiences and relationships. Without it, these opportunities would not have been available to us. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and hope this experience will enrich your lives as it has ours

For our Online Customers, we are available to assist you with your purchase, walking throughout our gallery for you, guiding you to a connection with the perfect Gemstone that compliments your personal needs and desires – making it as close to a personal experience, as possible.

Smiles for Everyone,

Craig, Diane and Logan
The Crystal Cottage of Vermont