NEWS: Store Opening

We are offering Crystals and Minerals from around the world, Crystal Singing Bowls, Jewelry, Candles, Art, Woman's Accessories, Natural Body Products and various related Gift Items at our new store located at:

198 College Street
Burlington VT 05401

Opening on November 27, 2015

Welcome to The Crystal Cottage of Vermont

At The Crystal Cottage of Vermont (nestled in the Vermont's, "Green Mountains") we visit with miners and wholesalers throughout the world collecting beautiful natural and selectively polished crystals, each with its own unique energetic vibration. These semi-precious Gemstones, we gather, for our customers to appreciate and enjoy, and if inspired, invite into their homes and lives. Be it for personal enjoyment, energy adjustments, self-healing, or simply for decorative enhancement, these gemstones are a perfect companion.

Through our extensive connections and by buying at the source, we are able to offer an incredible range of quality and variety at the most affordable prices possible. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of product at wholesale prices, for customers who are interested in purchasing bulk quantities.

At the Crystal Cottage of Vermont, we have found that there is no substitute for personally seeing, touching, and experiencing a gem, mineral, or crystal. If you would allow us, we would like to make ourselves available to assist you with your online purchase, by walking throughout the gallery, mutually guiding one another to the perfect specimen that compliments your personal needs.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit with us.

Craig, Diane and Logan
The Crystal Cottage of Vermont
1 (802) 265-1045